Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Join the Parks & Recreation Commission!

Make a difference in Groton! Join the Groton Parks & Recreation Commission!
Time commitment: Meet once a month, second Wednesday of the month, at the Groton Senior Center or via Zoom, at 7pm. 
It is the purpose of the Town of Groton Parks & Recreation Commission to be the liaison of the residents of the Community for guiding the Parks & Recreation Department to the fulfillment of its mission. We currently have two vacancies on the Commission. 

Primary functions of the Commission:
- To maintain the highest quality and standard of recreation and park services. 
- To advise in the planning of parks and recreation programs for the residents of the community
- To initiate the planning for future parks and recreational areas and facilities. 
- To serve as a sounding board through which the department's administration may test their plans and ideas.
- To serve as a forum for introducing innovative and new ideas, concepts, programs, policies and procedures. 
- To foster the awareness of the social, cultural, economic, environmental and personal benefits of a comprehensive public recreation program.