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How I Became BIG on the Internet

How I Became Big on the Internet: a conversation with Shawn Gilhuly on content creating
Thursday Jan 26, 2023
6:00 PM  -  7:30 PM

Join full-time content creator, Shawn Gilhuly, who has been creating content on Twitch, TikTok and YouTube with a social media following of 250,000 as he delves into what he wishes he knew when he started creating content at 14, and when he started in 2018.
This presentation is for those who started creating content over quarantine have dreams of being content creators, or who are wondering if it’s even possible for their child to have this dream.

Shawn is a CT-based bisexual/queer disabled content creator who specializes in story-rich adventure and horror games at their hardest difficulties in addition to mindfulness & queer education. Shawn has had the pleasure of working with some of your favorite brands like TikTok, NetflixDisneyStudio Ghibli, Minecraft, Xbox, and Microsoft, to name a few. Shawn was featured as a nominee for queer streamer of the year in 2022 by Gayming Magazine and has been featured in Vice.

This presentation is open to people of all ages who have questions about social media, getting started with content creation, and what learnings Shawn can share from moments when he has failed. This is an all ages event, and Shawn will tailor his presentation based on attendance.

This is a HYBRID event. Attendees can join us in person or on zoom. 

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This event is being recorded. Programming may be affected or cancelled due to COVID-19.