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Join an Agency, Board, or Commission

Are you interested in becoming involved in the Town of Groton’s government?
Our Town is run solely from the volunteers that contribute their time to govern our community. While not all of our committees have vacancies at this time, you are always welcome to fill out and application for any Agency, Board, or Commission (ABC's) that interests you.
All appointments are made in accordance with the policy set by the Groton Town Council.

Interested in serving?  Simply complete the application and return it by mail, or in-person, to the Town Clerk’s office at 45 Fort Hill Road.  We look forward to hearing from you!

New Ethics Commission

1. There shall be a Municipal Ethics Commission consisting of five regular members and three alternates. Members shall be appointed by the Town Council to two-year terms.

2. All members shall be electors of the municipality. No member shall:
(1) hold or campaign for any public office;
(2) hold office in any political party; or
(3) serve as a member of any other municipal agency, Commission or Board. A person will not be disqualified from serving on the commission if he/she has a member of his/her immediate family employed by the Town or the Groton Board of Education.

3. The commission shall elect a chairperson who shall preside at meetings of the commission, a vice-chairperson to preside in the absence of the chairperson and a secretary. Three members shall constitute a quorum. At least three (3) votes of the commission shall be required for action of the commission except as otherwise specifically provided for herein.

4. Members will serve without compensation except for authorized expenses in conjunction with their duties.