Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut


These are the active projects being worked on or supported by the Conservation Commission.

  • Conservation Commission Supports Pollination Pathway Initiative
    • The Town of Groton Conservation Commission’s Pollinator Pathway Initiative recently paired with ECCD (The Eastern Connecticut Conservation District) to install a rain garden near the hockey rink at the Thrive 55/Groton Public Library complex. The Rain garden was funded through a Long Island Sound Futures Fund grant, visit www.conservect.org/eastern and scroll down to ‘From Rain Gardens to Riparian Buffers: Pollinator Pathways for Healthy Water Project’ to learn more. Rain Gardens serve to filter and clean rainwater before it runs off into waterways heading for the Sound, as well as to mitigate flooding by slowing the rate of runoff and increasing absorption into the ground. Planting rain gardens with pollinator-friendly and native species helps support our natural insect and bird populations by providing a nourishment waystation. Pollinators (butterflies, bees, dragonflies, birds etc.) are critical to our ecosystem and are under duress globally due many threats such as habitat encroachment, pesticide use, invasive species, light pollution, and global warming. A worldwide movement is taking place to restore pollinator habitat yard by yard in locations tiny and large and the Conservation Commission is happy to start with this small step. For more information or to join the pathway go to the website Pollinator-pathways.org.  If you wish to get involved with the local Pollinator Pathway group send an email to grotonpollinatorpathway@gmail.com.

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  • Plastics Reduction Program
  • Tri-Town Trail
    • The Tri Town Trail (TTT) is currently building the Ledyard Phase One section. It is available as a hiking path (1.4 miles, and growing.) The Groton end at Bluff Point to the Marriott Hotel is in the planning stage. 

  • Calculating your Household carbon footprint impact
    • CoolClimate ‘freeware’ provides smart decision-making tools and programs to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy and is useful to all Groton residents.

      CoolClimate developed the first carbon footprint calculators to account for the greenhouse gas emissions of all transportation, energy, food, goods and services purchased by households. This comprehensive method, called "consumption-based greenhouse gas accounting," to estimate their complete carbon footprints, compare their results to similar users, and develop personalized climate action plans to reduce their contribution to climate change. Versions of these tools have been adopted by governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations throughout the United States and internationally.