Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Conservation Commission

Open Space provides a wealth of valuable "services" to Groton's citizens; this site will explore each of the following Open Space values thru the eyes of your neighbors and friends. We would love to have your photos or videos of how YOU benefit/use Open Space - check our Get Involved page for more information on how you can participate!

  • Human health benefits of living in proximity to green/open spaces with public access include improved physical and mental health, reduced risks of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and improved pregnancy
  • Forested areas are especially adept at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which helps to minimize global climate
  • Floodplains, coastal waterfront and adjacent uplands provide opportunities to respond to the anticipate effects of climate change and contribute to the food chain we all enjoy
  • Open space also can provide a variety of specific ecological functions such as preserving biod iversity,  habitat for rare species, streamflow and water supply protection, and flood control.
  • Other valuable open space services are the provision and preservation of scenic beauty, opportunity for residents to enjoy and experience interacting with nature in an unspoiled
  • Forestry and farm land contribute to the local economy and enhance the diversity of Groton's landscape and improve the sustainability of the environment
  • Groton's tax revenue generally increases in the long term based on the higher value of homes within a half mile of open
  • Open space protection will play an expanding role in Groton's economic future as businesses increasingly consider   quality of life in making decisions on where to locate and

While the full list of benefits is too extensive to include here, these services also include options for outdoor play, activity, and environmental education.