Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

2024 Meeting Schedules

Click the Board / Commission name to view the regular meeting schedule. Note that schedules are subject to change - please check the Meeting Calendar for the most current information.


Citizens' Petitions and Public Hearings
Any citizen may speak under the Receipt of Citizens' Petitions portion of the agenda. The Council may limit the time allowed, usually to 5 minutes, and will not engage in debate with the citizen. Some discussion for clarification may occur, and the Mayor may refer the subject to a council committee, to the Town Manager, or to another appropriate agency for action or information.
A Public Hearing is conducted after notice has been given regarding an ordinance. The Mayor opens the public hearing, usually a staff report is presented, and then citizens may present their comments, their support, or their opposition.
The Mayor will then close the public portion of the hearing. The Council will usually discuss the issue at a subsequent meeting, and then render its decision.
At the annual Budget Public Hearing the Council may limit the time allowed, but all who wish to speak concerning the Budget will be heard.

Committee Reports
During this portion of the meeting each committee chairman presents a report on any meeting held. The committee report usually concerns items on that night's agenda, but also covers ongoing referrals.
Consent Calendar
The Consent Calendar consists of routine items that are voted on with one motion. Discussion may occur and changes to the Consent Calendar can be made.
Communications and Reports
Councilors report on correspondence received, telephone calls, meetings with citizens, and other events. The Mayor may refer items that come up during these reports to the appropriate committees.
New Business
This portion of the Agenda includes resolutions, ordinances, or other motions that have been reported on by committee and are scheduled for action at this meeting. A councilor will read the resolution, discussion may occur, and then the Council will vote on a motion to approve.
Other actions, such as amending or referral to another committee, may take place. Some resolutions and ordinances, especially those concerning appropriation of money, may be referred to the RTM for approval.
Types of Council Action
Official action by the Town Council may take the following forms:
  • An ORDINANCE is a town law which can only be amended or repealed by adoption of another ordinance. A proposed ordinance requires legal notice and a public hearing. An ordinance is generally of a permanent nature.
  • A RESOLUTION is used to express Town Council policy; it directs certain administrative or legal action; it may be changed by subsequent resolution.
  • A MOTION is used to indicate approval or denial of a procedural action such as a report or recommendation.
  • All actions require at least 5 votes in favor in order to pass.
 If You Wish to Address the Council
Your opportunity to speak on any subject is under "Citizens' Petitions" shortly after the beginning of the meeting. You will be asked to give your name and address, and may be limited to 10 minutes. There is a sign-up sheet provided on the table in the meeting room.
At a Public Hearing, you must also give your name and address, and your comments will be limited to the subject of the hearing.