Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Town of Groton's Fair Housing Commission Membership Openings

The Town of Groton is looking for members for it's Fair Housing Commission. We have three openings with 2 for at-large and one for a landlord. The terms are for 3 years. While the Commission rarely meetings, when it does meet it performs a critical function.
The responsibilities of the Commission include:
General: The Commission controls and eliminates excessive rental charges for housing accommodations within the Town.
Specific: The Commission is empowered to conduct such hearings and render orders and decisions pursuant thereto. (Code 9-35)
The Commission makes studies and investigations into rentals charged, receives complaints and communications concerning alleged excessive rental charges, conducts hearings, subpoenas witnesses and documents, administers oaths, orders a housing code inspection, dismisses a complaint based on failure to pay rent on time while the case is pending, determines whether an existing rental charge with decrease in services or proposed increase is so excessive as to be harsh and unconscionable, orders a reduction of any excessive rent, and establishes and deposits into an escrow account rents in dispute.
If you would be interested in applying, please go to Applications for Boards and Commissions to print and fill out your application.   You can email the completed application to Betsy at BMoukawsher@groton-ct.gov. If you have any questions, you can call the Town Clerk's office at 860-441-6640.