Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

DEI Collaborative

Groton Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Collaborative

  • Celebrates the uniqueness of each individual in our community
  • Believes that developing cross-cultural empathy and understanding is vital to Groton's future
  • Is dedicated to creating and maintaining an environment that welcomes and celebrates Groton's diversity.


  • Executive Committee – Establish bylaws and governance, identify priorities, evaluate outcomes, obtain resources.
  • Events – Plan, organize and implement DEI-friendly events, participate in existing events.
  • Education and Outreach – Prepare and present educational materials, organize community conversations, identify underrepresented populations and extend invitations for engagement.
  • Workforce and Leadership – Work to attract and develop a diverse workforce and citizens to serve on various boards in the community.
  • Citizen Response – Review concerns and related policies and practices to identify systemic issues/barriers and recommend and advocate for corrective actions to increase equitable outcomes. Submit a Citizen Response/Concern form to share ideas on how we can make things better.
Department Name First Name Last Name Subcommittee Email Phone
Groton Parks and Recreation Jessica Patterson Education and Outreach jpatterson@groton-ct.gov (860)-536-5685
Groton Parks and Recreation Jerry Lokken Executive jlokken@groton-ct.gov (860)-536-5682
Director of Human Resources Arnetia Green Workforce and Leadership agreen@groton-ct.gov (860)-441-6629
Groton Parks and Recreation Eileen Cicchese Citizen Response Chair ecicchese@groton-ct.gov (860)-536-5691
Groton Parks and Recreation Asya Kerr Citizen Response astaples@groton-ct.gov (860)-536-5680
Groton Senior Center Cindy Olsen Events Co-Chair colsen@groton-ct.gov (860)-441-6623
Groton Senior Center Kathy Williams Education and Outreach, Workforce and Leadership kwilliams@groton-ct.gov (860)-441-6795
Groton Police Heather McClelland Education and Outreach Co-Chair hmcclelland@groton-ct.gov (860)-441-6712
Groton RTM Beverly Washington Workforce and Leadership bevywash@comcast.net
LEARN Bridgette Gordon-Hickey bghickey@learn.k12.ct.us
Fitch High School Carmita Hodge chodge14@hotmail.com
L&M Hospital Laura Cotto Education and Outreach laura.cotto@lmhosp.org
Groton Parks and Recreation Dami Rane-Castrodad damayanti.rane-castrodad@uconn.edu
Groton Public Works Robin Dauda rdauda@groton-ct.gov
Citizen Esme Martinez esmeralda.martinezvicente@gmail.com
Groton Public Library Shawn Greeley sgreeley@groton-ct.gov (860)-449-7173
City of Groton Parks and Recreation Mary Hill hillm@cityofgroton-ct.gov (860)-446-4128
L&M Hospital Laurel Holmes laurel.holmes@lmhosp.org
Ledge Light Health Department Jennifer Muggeo jmuggeo@llhd.org
City of Groton Parks and Recreation Val Koschmieder Education and Outreach koschmiederv@cityofgroton-ct.gov
UCFS Healthcare Kiana Scruggs kscruggs@ucfs.org
Groton Senior Center Jennifer Meakem Education and Outreach Co-Chair jmeakem@groton-ct.gov (860)-441-6785
Groton Town Council Juan Melendez Events jmelendez@groton-ct.gov
Groton Town Council Juliette Parker jparker@groton-ct.gov
Groton Economic Development Lauren Post lpost@groton-ct.gov (860)-446-5960
Groton Planning and Development Jonathan Reiner jreiner@groton-ct.gov (860)-446-5995
Citizen Susan Archer sarcher904@att.net
Groton Police Richard Sawyer rsawyer@groton-ct.gov (860)-441-6712
Mystic & Noank Library Rebecca Spera Events Co-Chair rspera@mysticnoanklibrary.org (860)-536-7721
Groton Senior Center Tomi Stanley Education and Outreach, Workforce and Leadership tstanley@groton-ct.gov (860)-441-6785
St John's Christian Church Pastor Coleman stjohnschristian@sbcglobal.net
Children's First Groton Susan Corrice suecorrice@comcast.net
Solstice Senior Living Interim Director grotoned@solsticeseniorliving.com
Marine Science Magnet High School Tara Amatrudo tamatrudo@ctriveracademy.org
Marilyn Goodman mlgoodman63@yahoo.com