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Stormwater / MS4

Managing Rain -- or "Stormwater" -- Runoff
 Storm drain - outfall - surface waterStormwater is the rainfall or snowmelt which results from precipitation. Years ago, when rain or snow fell it would be absorbed slowly into the ground. This natural filtration is best for our eco-system. But now, hard surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, roofs, and streets prevent infiltration. This creates stormwater "run-off" and is why communities have storm sewer systems. Catch basins, underground pipes, and outfalls manage rain & snow by moving it elsewhere. Storm drains keep roads safe and help prevent flooding but can also create problems. 

As rain/snow melt flows to storm drains-- it picks up dirt, sand, or "sediment," motor oil, animal droppings, soap, fertilizer, pesticides, and other contaminants. The polluted water enters storm drains and exits pipes untreated via "outfalls." Too much pollution makes people sick if it reaches surface waters used for swimming or fishing. Impaired waters also hurt plants and animals. Finally, much local water makes its way to Long Island Sound, an important tidal estuary. Please help Groton improve our water quality. Residents and business can reduce "non-point-source" pollution, i.e. little amounts from many sources. Check-out our "Clean Water Ways" show, and our other storm water pages. Visit the authoritative EPA website "How's My Waterway," join a community group, or call Stormwater Coord. Michelle Maitland 860-494-4544 mmaitland@groton-ct.gov.

How Groton Manages its Stormwater / MS4* reporting MS4 is DEEP's municipal separate storm sewer system permit, governing towns' stormwater. "Separate" distinguishes storm sewers from sanitary & combined sewers. Groton has NO combined sewers. DEEP is CT's Dept. of Energy & Environmental Protection & MS4 is part of EPA's Natl. Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).  

Learn about "Illicit Discharges" to Storm Drains (Illegal Dumping or Accidental Releases)  Give Input on Groton Stormwater Changes
GET INVOLVED & learn more: Following are some partner groups doing good work for stormwater!