Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Town Manager

The Town Manager is appointed by and is directly responsible to the Council and serves for no definite term, but at the pleasure of the Council. The Manager has the power to appoint and dismiss his staff, subject to the merit system. The Town Manager plans, organizes, coordinates, and administers the day-to-day functions of the Town government. The Manager is responsible for the preparation of the general government budget. He accepts the Board of Education budget and presents a combined proposal for expenditures to the Council. Before approving the budget the Council must hold public hearings. Following approval, the Council sends the budget to the RTM for consideration and final approval.

Town Manager's Office Telephone: 860-441-6630
Lisa Hylton, Assistant to the Town Manager, Email: lhylton@groton-ct.gov 
To send communications to Town Council email to Council@groton-ct.gov